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Escape route

There’s a section on the bottom of the model lesson plans that we trainees have been given called ‘escape route’ which I’d had explained to me but never seen in use before, until Friday last week. The teacher in question was teaching a class for the first time. The rest of the year before hand […]


Just had a thought going back to our topics lessons a few weeks ago. We had to plan a lesson in groups of four, to deliver to the rest of our class. As a group, we were very open about our topic, never worrie about people finding out what we were teaching, and in fact […]

Teaching takes time

This week we had 5 90 minute lessons taught to us by our peers. Everybody was put into a group of 4, and we each had to teach one of the lessons as a group, and take part in the other four lessons as learners. One thing that shone out so clearly from the sessions: […]

The importance of considering all your pupils

We had a class on statistics this morning at Uni, 09:30 to 1100. By 10:15, 45 minutes into the class I had not yet had to do any work. By this half way point in the lesson, all we had done was revisit the homework we had been set and go into the questions that […]

School allocations sorted!

We got our allocations for our school experience today, as part of our SKE year training. I probably shouldn’t broadcast where I’ve been placed, as we have to anonymise schools and pupils in our academic writing so I should probably apply the same to this blog, but I will say I’m pleased with mine. It’s […]