first lesson back

had the class with the pupil who i’m doing the assignment on yesterday. He was noticeably better. Had previously worried that I was being softer on him in order to show progress, so I made a conscious effort to respond to him as I would any other pupil. He had bought a new school bag […]

Efficient marking

Quite liked the ideas here, although they do seem geared towards written subjects than mathematics: http://www.theguardian.com/teacher-network/teacher-blog/2014/apr/16/how-to-marking-techniques-teacher-feedback-students

Pupil A – target setting

As part of some research I’m conducting with the University of Birmingham on target setting with a pupil, I had a meeting this week to discuss some targets for improvement. I picked the pupil because he is quite able but struggles to focus and maintain high standards of behaviour within lessons. As a result he […]

Escape route

There’s a section on the bottom of the model lesson plans that we trainees have been given called ‘escape route’ which I’d had explained to me but never seen in use before, until Friday last week. The teacher in question was teaching a class for the first time. The rest of the year before hand […]

Food and Cooking @ Carshalton Sports College

http://www.carshaltonboys.org/page/default.asp?title=Home&pid=1 Just seen this place on Countryfile, where the school went from a 4% pass rate to a 100% pass rate in exams. The headteacher puts this down (at least in part) to the fact that the school turned its playing field into an allotment and encouraged the pupils to get involved in growing vegetables, […]

By way of introduction…

Some of you reading this blog may be familiar with the area of mathematics known in the A Level syllabus as ‘mechanics.’ Whether you are or not, it is worth stating that the early parts of mechanics ¬†build upon concepts familiar to those who’ve studied GCSE mathematics before. There’s nothing absolutely groundbreaking in the M1 […]


Just had a thought going back to our topics lessons a few weeks ago. We had to plan a lesson in groups of four, to deliver to the rest of our class. As a group, we were very open about our topic, never worrie about people finding out what we were teaching, and in fact […]