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Pupil A – target setting

As part of some research I’m conducting with the University of Birmingham on target setting with a pupil, I had a meeting this week to discuss some targets for improvement.

I picked the pupil because he is quite able but struggles to focus and maintain high standards of behaviour within lessons. As a result he disrupts his own and others learning.

During the meeting he was very friendly and honest about his own “attitude” and seemed very willing to engage with the target setting process. A timetable of 2 weeks to review the progress has been set and three targets have been agreed through a 2 way discussion. They are

1) To get no more than 1 verbal warning during the course of any lesson, by not talking to other class members and sitting still on his chair.
2) To take book home after every lesson, like the rest of the class to allow him to revise and do homework when set.
3) To work well in lessons by attempting at least five questions from each exercise, unless the whole class has a target of more than that.

Pupil was very friendly and happy to engage in the process and seemed comforted that I had spoken to his mother and given some positive feedback about his willingness to engage in this process.

Watch this space.


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